EdTech Winter School: Emerging trends and new horizons in the study of education and technology


3rd to 7th July 2017

EdTech Winter School

“Emerging trends and new horizons in the study of education and technology”

DEADLINE 19th May 2017

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Ceibal Foundation is organizing the 1st EdTech Winter School to take place in Uruguay, called “Emerging trends and new horizons in the study of education and technology”. The event will gather postgraduate students and early career academics from the main higher educational institutions in the country and the Latin American region.

The Winter School is organized in partnership with ANII (Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación)Departamento de ComunicaciónDepartamento de Educación (Universidad Católica del Uruguay), Universidad ORTFLACSO UruguayUniversidad de Montevideo and Facultad de Ingeniería (Universidad de la República).

It aims to offer a stimulating learning environment for participants to present and discuss key challenges, research trends and opportunities, to foresee new horizons in education, learning and teaching practices enhanced by digital technologies.   




The Winter School will offer an exciting opportunity for postgraduate students and early career faculties to present and discuss relevant EdTech policies and research for studying the future of education and technology, innovation and inclusion in the coming decade.

•             To create a collaborative environment of discussion and analysis involving keynote speakers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT, the Oxford Internet InstituteBerkmam Klein Center -Harvard University, Tel Aviv University and the Deakin University -, along with early-career scholars and students. This will be an opportunity for learning about novel research methodologies and scientific perspectives enabling capacity-building and knowledge transfer in areas of common interest.

•             To present and exchange national and international research-based case studies in the five academic areas of the Winter school: Social uses of ICT and Digital Culture; Resources and PlatformsNew Ways of Knowing, Learning, Teaching and Evaluate; Extended learning achievements and Educators in the Digital Age.

•             To create a long-term international academic network of excellence in education and technology (EdTech) based on multidisciplinary studies with different methodological perspectives. The academic network aims to enable international capacity building in the fields of EdTech, innovation and inclusion. This community will be also of great value for promoting and implementing international research projects, seminars and initiatives in the field.




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